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So being a married woman in my early thirties with two children under two and a lot of on my mind, leave me no time to be on the move regularly (I know chasing after my toddler and the incessant chores I do don’t count here) but I still find time to take journeys outside of my train of thought. I take them through books/music/films, my purpose/dreams for me and my family and friends and yes, the occasional actual trips to places.

I agree that life stays interesting for those who keep moving, it is a learning curve with great wealth after all but since I propose this movement to be that of my intellect and goals rather than a physical concept, I start to ask myself some questions. The most prominent being where is the Proverbs 31 (P31) woman in me? You know, the one who has her husband’s unwavering trust, the successful entrepreneur that provides for her family and her staff, the charitable queen who is wise, intelligent and has no meddling time. The one who frees her husband (he lauds her with commendments and affection) to have a good place in society, and whose children are proud to have her as a Mum. She wears all the hats perfectly without being discombobulated.

Now, my natural instinct as a woman is to nurture but when, speaking to old colleagues, I realize I don’t know the latest amendments to money laundering laws but all the words to the theme song for “wonder pets”, that I gleefully and unashamedly sang over and over with another Mum recently for almost 5minutes; I start to wonder if I can awake the sleeping P31 within.