Welcome to Jesus House New Jersey!

A Place of Renewed Minds and Transformed Lives.

At Jesus House, we are more than just a church – we are a vibrant community on a mission to positively impact our environment, community, and the nations for Christ.
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Guided by our unwavering faith in Jesus Christ - we believe in the power of renewal and transformation.

Step into a realm of boundless faith, where minds are renewed, lives transformed, and hearts set ablaze with purpose. 

Welcome to Jesus House NJ, a vibrant community empowered to impact the world with Christ’s love. Embrace the journey of renewal, as we soar together in His glorious name.

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Got a prayer on your heart? Share it with us! Let's stand together in faith and lift our voices in prayer for God's mighty touch in your life.

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Experience Transformation and Joy by the word of God.

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"...for God loves a cheerful giver"

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"...for God loves a cheerful giver"