Building The Next Generation

Jesus House, NJ, believes in building the next generation; we strive to see Middle to High School students planted and thriving in the Church while maximizing their potential. Our desire is to create an atmosphere that fosters spiritual growth, service, and leadership development. If you have a student in grades 6-12, encourage them to join our Middle or High School Ministries!

Middle School – J-GEN

 J-GEN which stands for ‘Joshua Generation’ is our Middle School ministry which is geared towards youth in the 6th through 8th grade. At J-GEN, we tackle issues that are peculiar to youth in this unique stage of life, guiding them with a biblical perspective as they make new discoveries about themselves and God. Our goal is to help prepare them to approach life from a Godly worldview as they become teenagers.

High School – Caleb Crew

CALEB CREW ​is our High School ministry of which is strategically geared towards high school students in the 9th through 12th​. Caleb Crew is a unique Church family that is made up of teenagers and caring adult leaders and mentors. We are excited to have your high school student join us. Our vision is to build an authentic faith in our students, enabling them to be relevant in a changing world! ​We focus on the following: ​​Spiritual Development, Academic Excellence, Social Engagement, and Mentoring.

Fun Trips and Discovery

What’s the point being a middle to high school student with no fun? Not us! Both the middle to high School student embark on fun trips and outings during each year. Students get to have fun, enjoy the company of their peers, grow deeper spiritually and learn new things. Be sure to find out when each of the classes will going on their next trip!